About Us

Founded in 2011 by Israeli pianist Batia Murvitz, and two outstanding musicians from Finland, violinist Lea Tuuri and cellist Lauri Rantamoijanen, The Amaya Trio is rapidly coming to the forefront of young chamber music ensembles today.


Described as ’beautifully cohesive and impressive group marked by a perfect tonal balance and deep musical understanding’. The Amaya Trio performs frequently in prestigious venues in Israel and Finland and has performed in UK, Cyprus, Austria and India. 


Live recordings have been broadcast on the Israeli classical music station. The Amaya Trio enjoys playing the classical repertoire, as well as impressionist and avant-garde.


On 26th February 2014, The Amaya Trio gave the premiere in Helsinki of a work specially comissioned for them from Finnish composer Jens Lindqvist.


Recently they have participated in the “Schoenberg Festival” in London, and in the “Sibelius 150 Jubilee Year Festival” in Helsinki. The trio takes its name from Japanese word for 'night rain'.

Amaya Trio